Karlshamnsverket ready to fire – under state control

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SVT Nyheter Blekinge has previously reported that the Karlshamnsverket had already passed last year’s total production at the end of the summer, and that production was expected to increase further in the fall and winter.

The plant’s total capacity is 660 megawatts. Of these, 562 are procured by Svenska kraftnät, to function as a power reserve between November 16 and March 15 every winter, writes DN.

Cold winter affects

During the four-month period, it is therefore Svenska kraftnät that has control over part of Karlshamnsverket’s production, and thus can order the plant to start up.

– Then it is really only used for imbalances or when there is a risk of a power shortage, the power reserve is activated when the margins are small. It is activated operationally and not from the electricity exchange, says Erik Ek, strategic operations manager at Svenska kraftnät to the newspaper.

Whether the work will be run for the Swedish part is largely determined by weather and temperature.

– If it is a cold winter, it is likely that we will drive it, says Erik Ek.

The greatly increased production has led to new hires at Karlshamnsverket.