Kandy Guira, together that’s all

Kandy Guira together thats all

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Burkinabè singer Kandy Guira is back with a new album entitled “Nagtaba” which can be translated as “Ensemble”, in Moré language. Committed and optimistic songs, on folk music, Afro Pop and electro. A unique musical style that resembles him.

Kandy Guira is the Amazon of “Faso Electropop”. The Bendrés, the Burkinabe drums, and the tchéma – the bell – ring in unison in his new album. Eleven songs in which Moré mingles with French and Dioula with English.

Her rhythms carry the colorful colors of celebration and dance, and her broad vocal palette carries the lights of commitment, those of a woman committed to women, for Africa, for the future too. A future that she imagines united and gathered in a great communion.

Kandy Guira presents “Nagtaba” his new album.

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