Justin Trudeau accuses India of killing in Canada

On a summer evening in June, Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead outside a Sikh temple in British Columbia by two masked gunmen.

Now Canada’s prime minister says he suspects India is behind the murder. This is because Canadian intelligence has identified a credible link between his death and the Indian state, writes the BBC.

– Any involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty, Justin Trudeau said at the recent G20 summit, according to the BBC.

Caused great tension

Nijjar was a prominent voice in Sikhism in the Canadian province and advocated a separate Khalistani state.

In the past, supporters of his have said he was a target of threats because of his activism.

His assassination has outraged many of his followers and caused major tensions between Sikh separatists and the Indian government.

Hundreds of Sikh separatists took to the streets of Toronto, along with other cities such as London, Melbourne and San Francisco to protest the Indian government they believe is responsible for his death.

India has denied all the allegations, calling them “baseless”.