justice is interested in the entourage of the author of the attacks

justice is interested in the entourage of the author of

In 2018, four people were shot dead in a parking lot and in a supermarket in the south of France. Among them, Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, who had exchanged places with that of a hostage held by the terrorist. In this third week of the trial, the special assize court of Paris is interested in the entourage of the author of the attacks. And in particular to Reda El Yaakoubi, one of the main accused in this trial, whose personality and links with the attacker have been detailed.

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Hearing report, Baptiste Coulon

Reda El Yaakoubi is both “ an angel and a demon “. This psychologist, called to the stand, evokes the double face of the accused.

On one side, a man involved in his home neighborhood, president of the local football club. Reda el Yaakoubi also maintains close ties with a prefecture official. He informs her of incidents in her neighborhood. In exchange, he obtains hearing postponements for cases in which he is involved.

Because it is the other face of the accused, developed by an investigator: Reda El Yaakoubi has his hands in the city’s drug trafficking… On weapons that he allegedly left at the home of another accused, the The terrorist’s DNA is detected.

For the prosecution, this testifies to the strong bond between the two men. “ He was never my friend » retorts the accused.

The president intervenes… “ We don’t have much to link the accused to the terrorist’s project. “…. Only bundles of clues, replies the investigator…

And what about a possible loan of money? “, a defense lawyer asks him… “ This has never been demonstrated » if Reda El Yaakoubi was aware of the radicalization of the terrorist.

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