Jump Ship First Look

Jump Ship First Look

Developed by Keepsake Games, Jump Ship, which offers mission-based battles and cooperative gaming experience, determines the dominance in space.

Jump Shipis a PvE-based cooperative FPS game developed by Keepsake that supports up to four players. We embark on an extensive adventure as the crew of a spaceship. We participate in intense battles in the depths of space in the production, which offers different missions in many different environments, from pedestrian exploration to space walks, inside and outside the ship. However, the point we must always keep in mind is teamwork. While you must constantly upgrade and maintain your ship, weapons and armor, the key to surviving and succeeding in this universe is teamwork. Although it is stated that the game can be best experienced with your friends, there is an open invitation for solo adventurers as well.

Jump Ship: Keepsake Games’ New Game Offers Cooperative Battle Experience

Founded in 2021 by five Swedish game industry veterans with over 10 years of experience, Keepsake brings Jump Ship to the world from Stockholm, Sweden. The studio, which currently has 12 employees, aims to bring a new breath to the cooperative gaming experience with Jump Ship. The company brought together their passion for cooperative gaming experiences and the space theme and brought the production to life. In the game, we can experience many different experiences by choosing among missions, each of which offers different features. For example, a fluent gaming experience is provided by providing a seamless transition between actions such as ship management (tasks such as upgrading, maintaining and repairing), space walking and planet exploration, which also require strategic management ability.

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Developed by Keepsake Games and directed by Filip Coulianos, Jump Ship offers players a mission-based combat experience. This innovative game allows you to participate in battles with the use of aircraft and a first-person shooter (FPS) perspective, while also allowing cooperative play in teams of four. In a world full of pirates and various enemy robots, in addition to completing missions, players earn rewards and we can collect the needed resources through secret places such as closed containers.

The missions in the game generally take place in evacuated facilities and we need to reactivate the facility and put it into use. Of course, the revival of the facility also mobilizes the enemies and brings their attacks. For this reason, the faster we can act together as a team, the more our chances of success increase.

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While the game adds variety to battle dynamics with features such as flying and fast running, it also offers the opportunity to heal fallen teammates. If players do not hide their ships in a good place while going on missions, there is a risk of being attacked, which increases the importance of strategic planning.

Missions that take place in multiple different environments such as desert, ice and meteor offer players different and challenging battlefields. Upgrading components such as ships, engines, weapons and armor and purchasing different skins have strengthened the customizable aspects of the game.

Jump Ship, which will soon be available on Steam, offers a new and exciting experience for cooperative game lovers and attracts attention with its dynamic battle mechanics.

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