Jordan Bardella on a two-day “marathon” visit to the Agriculture Show

Jordan Bardella on a two day marathon visit to the Agriculture

While the 2023 edition of the Agricultural Show is about to close its doors, Jordan Bardella has just devoted two days to this unmissable event dedicated to rural France. A “marathon” visit that looks like a test for the announced successor to Marine Le Pen.

With our special correspondent at the Salon de l’Agriculture, Pierrick Bonno

All smiles, Jordan Bardella continues the selfies, shakes hundreds of hands and easily engages in discussion with visitors. A father and his son hesitate, but very quickly recognize the new leader of the National Rally: “ Jordan Bardella. Nice to see it for the first time. He is very good in every way, he goes well, he expresses himself well, he knows how to channel himself. I am completely satisfied that there are new faces in this party whereas I am not at all political ».

A “Marseille”

Marine Le Pen’s successor stops at the stand of a cognac producer. A group of visibly conquered young people sing a “Marseillaise”. Blessed bread for the image under construction of the far-right leader. Deputy RN Alexandre Loubet is part of the procession. ” I think the enthusiasm there is on the part of the participants of the show is a real test of popularity for Jordan Bardella and the National Rally “, he launches.

All the dregs of France »

But suddenly, a man comes to disturb this beautiful painting. Vincent is an engineer at SNCF. “ I’m irritated by the fact that these people, we can no longer fight against. They are too powerful. Behind, we know their ideas. All the dregs of France ». Jordan Bardella does not answer, keeps smiling and prefers to retain the positive. “ The welcome was very good, very warm. We really like the French and I think the French feel it “, he says.

Injured in the leg, Marine Le Pen was unable to attend the show this year, leaving her “first lieutenant” to dig a little deeper.

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