Jordan Bardella in the running for Matignon

Jordan Bardella in the running for Matignon

Far-right leader Jordan Bardella, who is leading the National Rally campaign in the European elections, will be a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. The announcement was made this Monday morning, the day after the election and the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly, by the vice-president of the party Sébastien Chenu.

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French far-right leader Jordan Bardella will be the candidate of his party, the National Rally (RN), for the post of Prime Minister in France, party vice-president Sébastien Chenu announced on Monday.

Jordan Bardella was elected MEP, so he already has the popular anointing ” And “ he is our candidate to go to Matignon “, the official residence of the Prime Minister, declared Mr. Chenu on RTL radio, the day after the announcement of the calling for early legislative elections after the success of the French far right in the European elections.

Jordan BardeIla will lead the campaign of 577 candidates to go to Matignon » added Mr. Chenu. Jordan Bardella, 29, has been in the Top 50 of French people’s favorite personalities for several months, dethroning Marine Le Pen. Member of the National Front, which gave birth to the National Rally, since 2012 (he was born in 1995), he was successively parliamentary assistant then spokesperson for the party. Jordan Bardella had already led the RN’s European list in 2019, a list which obtained 23.3% of the votes.

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For these elections, the RN will not make an alliance with other parties, but will propose an electoral platform which “ will address everyone outside political parties “, he added. “ We can have people who have made other political choices, who supported the LR, who supported Emmanuel Macron in the past or who have supported the left, but who find themselves on our proposals “.

A new campaign starting

The RN overwhelmingly won the European elections in France with 31.36% of the votes cast, ahead of the presidential majority (14.6%) and the Socialist Party (13.83%). His list has topped the polls since the start of the year. This tidal wave of the far right pushed President Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the National Assembly and call legislative elections on June 30 and July 7.

Jordan Bardella: “The President of the Republic cannot remain deaf to the message sent by the French”

This is a new campaign which began on Sunday evening. As soon as the dissolution was announced, the elected representatives of the National Rally left the election evening to bring together an executive office… Because there is not a minute to lose. The campaign will be carried out at full speed. Three weeks until the first round is very fast. The shortest period allowed by the Constitution.

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Emmanuel Macron’s poker move

This dissolution was a request from the National Rally, but no one really believed in it. An advisor to Marine Le Pen, just a few minutes before the head of state spoke, told us, “ Emmanuel Macron will never do it,” reports Pierrick Bonno from the RFI political department. Well yes!

With the dissolution, Emmanuel Macron is trying a poker game. We can always build scenarios, but no one is in Emmanuel Macron’s head. We must listen to his statement again last night, reread his latest messages on social networks: the head of state says he has confidence in the ability of the French to make the fairest choice. As if he seemed to be calling the French to reason by asking them to return to the famous republican arc… But it is undeniable, the National Rally has never been so close to governing. Wouldn’t that be Emmanuel Macron’s objective: to send the RN to Matignon to better contain it and show its impotence? This is one of the very risky hypotheses circulating this Monday morning. In any case, we are entering a period of fairly unprecedented uncertainty. And this while France is hosting a global event, the Olympic Games, in a month and a half.