Jonna Adlerteg’s unknown display that was never shown in the Master of Masters – Nils van der Poel does not understand anything

Many have praised this year’s season of SVT’s “Master of Champions”.
And the big viewer favorites were Nils van der Poel and Jonna Adlerteg.
Now, gorgeous footage that was never shown on the TV show has been leaked that everyone just has to see.

This year’s season of the acclaimed SVT program “Master of Masters” will go down in history as one of the best in a long time. Above all was the skating king and the Olympic gold hero Nils van der Poel absolutely amazingly well and set a record in the program by winning over half of the competitions.

Adlerteg’s success

Not entirely unexpectedly, it was the 27-year-old van der Poel who was also the final winner in the final program. But there was also another participant who exceeded everyone’s expectations and became a real viewer favorite at home on the TV sofas.

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Jonna Adlerteg has been forced to leave the Master of Masters. PHOTO: Instagram

The gymnast Jonna Adlerteg was a great success in the SVT broadcasts and also broke a mighty record. The 27-year-old took on the male competitors alone and just defeated van der Poel in the hunter’s break with hardly any effort, she also broke the all-time record for grip power and she excelled again against van der Poel in a tough endurance course.

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The fury of the viewers

But unfortunately she missed out on a place in the final when Jonna went out in the very last night duel before the final program. Alderteg’s dreary exit also led to serious viewer anger and a great debate about how unequal and unfair the Master of Masters really is.

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Nils van der Poel won this year’s season of “Champion of Champions”. PHOTO: Instagram

During and after the end of the show, she has been showered with love and accolades for her admirable performance in the television show. Jonna Adlerteg has also been generous and shared pictures and videos on Instagram from the recording and there is a video that really shows how amazing and raw she is.

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Jonna’s display

In a clip of the participants that was never shown on TV, we see how they try to go from a sitting position to standing on their hands. Both Nils van der Poel and Jens Byggmark have no chance to get up and they can’t believe their eyes when Jonna shows how it should be done and makes it look like pure child’s play, see the video in the slideshow below.

Many are extremely impressed by Adlerteg’s unknown display, which was never shown on SVT.
“There, the others lie a little in the lee,” writes a user on Instagram.
“Wow, what a bunch! In that group, some medals have been brought home. Fantastic to see you there Jonna. So impressed!”, writes another.
“Cheered you all the way. I think it was very sad that you tripped over the finish line and didn’t reach the final. You were very impressive before that with all your branch victories. It would have been so fun to see how you did in the final. But, Nils was a worthy winner, you have to say that,” writes a third.

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