Jonathan Majors Escaped Prison Sentence with Parole

Jonathan Majors Escaped Prison Sentence with Parole

Marvel star Jonathan Majors avoided prison time with parole in his domestic violence case. The court ordered the actor to complete the rehabilitation program.

marvel star Jonathan Majors, came to Manhattan Criminal Court with his girlfriend Meagan Good to receive his sentence as part of the case where he was facing domestic violence charges. Majors and Good were photographed arriving at court on Monday. Majors, who was tried for attacking his ex-girlfriend, British choreographer Grace Jabbari, was sentenced to probation. Marvel fired the American actor following the conviction, and now Majors must complete a 52-week domestic violence intervention program.

Marvel Star Jonathan Majors’ Court Process

Jonathan Majors avoided a one-year prison sentence last year after being found guilty of second-degree harassment and third-degree assault. State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gaffey in Manhattan said all parties agreed the case did not warrant prison time and granted Majors probation. It was decided that the actor must complete a “face-to-face violence intervention program” in Los Angeles. Majors had a significant rise playing the character of Kang the Conqueror in Marvel films, and had important roles in the second season of the Disney+ series “Loki” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”.

According to Jabbari’s statement, he described the physical and emotional traumas he experienced with Majors in court. She claimed that during a car ride in New York, she saw a romantic message from another woman on Majors’ phone, and when she questioned this situation, Majors became violent. Ms. Jabbari stated that she suffered physical injuries and emotional harm as a result of this incident. Majors denied harming himself and claimed that Jabbari attacked him in the incident, but prosecutors stated that this claim had no basis.