Johanna Ahlm’s heartbreaking words behind the camera after having to leave the Champion of Champions first of all: “I feel that…”

It was quite dramatic in the first night duel.
But on Sunday evening, Johanna Ahlm was forced to leave the Master of Masters.
– I am so sickly disappointed, she says herself about the exodus in an Instagram video.

After three episodes in this year’s new season of “Master of Champions”, we saw the very first farewell. On Sunday night, the former handball player did Johanna Ahlm and the speedway icon Tony Rickardsson up in the first night duel of the season and it was extremely dramatic.

Ahlm knocked out

But in the end, Rickardsson’s world champion reflexes were able to defeat Ahlm 2-1 in the night duel and survive.
– FAAAN!, Johanna shouted right out in the program when she realized it was over.

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Tony Rickardsson in the first night duel in the Master of Masters. PHOTO: SVT

Ahlm thus became the very first to leave the SVT program, where this year’s edition has been described as the toughest ever. Now the former national team hero in handball opens up about the great disappointment of having to leave the house.

“Very disappointed”

The TV viewers never got to see it on the broadcast, but behind the camera and in a video, see it below, on the program’s official Instagram channel, Johanna Ahlm talks about the great disappointment she experienced.
– Ah, the first to leave this year’s Master of Masters… So that was me. I am so sickly disappointed, much more disappointed than I thought I would be, she admits.

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Johanna Ahlm became the first to leave the Master of Masters this year. PHOTO: Instagram

It is clear how hard she finds it to come last. But Ahlm is also happy that she agreed to be on the popular TV show.
– It has been so much fun to compete and so much fun to get to know all these fantastic people and athletes. I feel I have so much more to give and would have liked to prove myself in a few more competitions and contribute even more. But ah, someone has to go out first, she says in the video, which you can see below.
– This star field this year has been incredibly tough so… Ah, thank you and hello from me and may the best man or woman win. I wish everyone who remains the best of luck!

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Johanna Ahlm is supported in the comments on Instagram and people also criticize the Master of Masters.
“Sad that Johanna had to leave”, writes one user in the comment field.
“I don’t like the new system they’ve come up with,” writes another.
“Remove the tough and boring night duel and keep everyone until the final and a chase start based on previous results, ruins the whole program!”, writes a third.

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