Johan Glan’s million salary – that’s how much the popular comedian earns

Johan Glans million salary thats how much the popular

“Kvarteret Skata”, “Morgonsoffan” and “Parliament”. These are three of many comedy productions that Johan Glansduring his decades-long career, appeared in.

Glans, with his stand-up, has been named male comedian of the year twice at the Swedish stand-up gala. He has also been awarded the Karamelodikt scholarship and was named Skåning of the Year 2012.

In other words, there is no doubt that the 50-year-old is both popular and successful.

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Photo: Anders Wiklund/TTJohan Glan’s salary – that’s how much money he makes

How is it then on the financial front for Johan Glans? Well, in 2022 he had a fixed earned income of a full 1,200,000 kroner. Spread over the twelve months of the year, it gave him a monthly salary of SEK 100,000.

In addition to this, Glans, who is in the fall of 2024, is going on tour with the comedian colleague David Batraa surplus of capital of SEK 265,000.

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Photo: Lars Pehrson/SvD/TT

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Millions in Johan Glan’s company

In your own company “Johan Glans AB” reported, in December 2022, a turnover of SEK 3,280,000 and a profit of SEK 997,000.

The assets in the company, which will, among other things, conduct artistic activities, were measured at a whopping SEK 46,620,000.

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