Joakim Latonen was told how to “flop in the league all the time” – insight explains why everything is different in Gnistan | Sport

Joakim Latonen was told how to flop in the league

Joakim Latonen has returned to the Veikkausliiga with a bang in Gnistan’s shirt. He has already more than doubled his previous goal balance in the main series.

Jussi Vainikka,

Riku Salminen

– Yes, it felt pretty good when the ball went through the post and into the goal from that spot. The first behind and we will continue from here.

The first has been followed by the second, third and fourth. Joakim Latonen26, has been the power man of Gnistan in the Veikkausliiga’s early season booster pack.

So far, HJK has also been able to score four goals during the early season of the Veikkausliiga Top Middle.

Latonen, who won the number one goal exchange last season, has scored more goals in three matches than in his previous league career combined. League experience has previously been accumulated over the course of three seasons in the shirts of TPS and IFK Mariehamn, but the goals just haven’t come.

– I have also been told that hey, Latonen always flops in the league. I don’t think I’ve flopped, I’ve been just fine. Now I’m just much better than last time, says Latonen.

It really seems that way. In fact, Latonen doubled his league career goal tally two weeks ago in just 19 minutes. Gnistan scored six goals as a guest of Ilves in the second period and won 6–4. Latonen was a celebrated hero with his hat trick.

– I last watched the highlights yesterday. That feeling was just sick. That’s why futsal is played. The feelings you can get from this sport are unfathomable, says Latonen.

Handling emotions related to football has not always been easy for Latose. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why there hasn’t been a breakthrough in the league before. Latonen remembers his former TPS coach Mika Laurikainen words.

– He once said that I am my own demon. The game presentations fluctuated a lot, I overthought everything. I’ve been quite negative and only seen the bad side of things, Latonen reflects.

– I’ve tried to notice that I’m thinking like this again and tried to turn my thoughts into positive ones. After a bad match, it’s still a bit difficult.

Latonen says that he reads literature on the spiritual side and that he believes in manifestation – even though he feels that he does not know enough about the subject.

– Often you don’t even realize what you’re thinking. You have to understand your own thoughts, and I’ve been bad at that. I’m no buddha, so don’t learn from this! Latonen says with a grin on his face.

At least on the field, Latonen has found a balance.

– Yes, my identity is pretty much related to football. I’m trying to get away from it so it’s not just football. When you score goals, it makes you feel good and boosts your self-confidence. But I wouldn’t say that my identity is made up of goals.

The attacker from Kaarina feels that he has found his own place in Oulunkylä. In Gnistan, he was first trusted as the head coach Joonas Rantanen last season and now Jussi Leppälahti.

– It’s really good to be here. A safe, communal environment with a really nice everyday life. Civil life also works in Helsinki. When everything goes well, it shows on the field.

Gnistan will face SJK in their second home match of the season on Sunday. The promotion has started well and played entertaining football. From three matches, there are two wins and one loss.

– I didn’t expect anything, but I knew we had a good team. I didn’t expect to score four goals in the first two matches, but I knew I trusted myself and the goals would come, says Latonen.

also shows the football Veikkausliiga and the National League this season. The next Veikkausliiga match on the program is on Sunday 19.5. Gnistan–KuPS, TV2 at 15:45 (match starts at 16:00).