Joachim Kuylenstierna planned money laundering – recruited Carl Bildt

Joachim Kuylenstierna planned money laundering recruited Carl Bildt

Joachim K: Well, this guy you’re going to meet, he’s the king of the brothels down there.

The businesswoman: Hahaha…

Joachim K: Hihi, yes, I think this is great fun. Your job here is to tell me that you’ve done real estate deals with me in the past and it’s been great, and blah blah. He knows no other language than French, he is French. You are the one who gets to talk to him.

The businesswoman: Well…

Joachim K: My thought with this is: If you start a mezzanine fund in Geneva, which lends money to real estate investments in Sweden, that’s kind of the basis.

The businesswoman: Well okay, that’s what we’ve been talking about.

Joachim K: Then we buy a company on the Stockholm stock exchange, which is just an airline that contains nothing, other than the fact that they have a stock exchange.

The businesswoman: Yeah, okay.

Joachim K: And then they buy shares in that company. And that company makes an agreement with the mezzanine fund, then we lend money to that company at 10% interest for mezzanine financing of real estate acquisitions. Then it means that the share they own will gradually increase in value depending on how many properties we buy. So that their shares in the listed company will be a liquid asset.

The businesswoman: Well, are they funds then or not?

Joachim K: No, it’s not funds, it’s shares. They can enter as private individuals. The trip they get in the shares then becomes a good investment that they can sell off and pay 30% tax on and then they have laundered their money. And then the 10% that you give them because they have lent money to the mezzanine fund, they get 10% annually, so they make money in two ways.

The businesswoman: Now wait a minute, say it one more time…

Joachim K: We buy a listed company, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. It might cost us SEK 10 million to buy all the shares in the company. And we divide the shares according to what we agree on, then we buy the shares. Then, this listed company borrows money from, i.e. mezzanine financing on real estate, out of the mezzanine fund you start in Geneva, for 10% interest, with mortgages on the real estate as collateral.

The businesswoman: Yes, okay.

Joachim K: So, during the journey, they get 10% interest on the money they have lent, mezzanine money, plus the increase in value that the real estate investment gives, is reflected in the shares of a listed company.

The businesswoman: Okay, yes.

Joachim K: Then they get a certain share in that company that we have to agree on, that’s what we have to negotiate on, how much they should have in that company.

The businesswoman: Hmmm…

Joachim K: Because it’s a way for them to launder money.

The businesswoman: Yes yes… When they send in the money, how do they come, where do they come from?

Joachim K: That’s the thing here, all they have is cash, all the time.

The businesswoman: Oh oh oh…

Joachim K: That is what we must be able to find a way to treat. Money is pouring out of this business down there. And we have to charge for that, or you have to pay to get this money into an account. And like, first that. And then the money that has entered the account must be lent to this real estate company that buys real estate, and then the profit from the real estate sales they will get because they have a share that will be worth more, and that will to become liquid, which they can sell whenever they want.

The businesswoman: Mmm, mmm.

Joachim K: That is the main idea. But then the discussion tonight will be completely different, but that’s the thought I have.

The businesswoman: Okay, yes, yes.

Joachim K: Then we can tuck in… you know. After all, I have people who sit, I put politicians and people from the financial inspection on the board of this listed company. So then that means it’s completely watertight, no one will ever look at this company.

The businesswoman: Okay, and it’s Harriette and he…

Joachim K: Yes, Harriette and the one sitting next to you he reports to Harriette. These are the kind of nightclub companions she has down there.

The businesswoman: Okay, well, but then I know. The problem is always finding a bank that can accept cash.

Joachim K: Yes, and it is important to charge well for this. You can splice a 5% or something, just to get them into the bank. It’s such an empty problem (??)

The businesswoman: But okay, then we’ll run it.

Joachim K: And then, the important thing is that he gets to believe that I can make a fortune on real estate. That is the basis. You can only stick to the truth and tell us what we did.

The businesswoman: Yes, tell us how we know each other and so on…

Joachim K: Yes Yes.

The businesswoman: And he knows who I am, more or less?

Joachim K: No, he doesn’t know who any of us are, we’re all meeting for the first time. And Greger is there too. So it’s just telling how it is, no secrets.