Jens Frank advises: This is how you should behave if you meet a bear

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A hunter is being treated in hospital after surviving a bear attack this weekend.

In a interview with Norrtälje newspaper, the man says that the bear appeared in the forest in Edebo, near Hallstavik. The bear is said to have stood on its hind legs, poked him so he fell backwards and bit his hand. Only when the hunter’s dog started barking did the bear let go.

But according to Jens Frank, researcher at the Department of Ecology, there is no need to be afraid to move in the forest area in question.

– What you have to think about is that in the northern half of Sweden we have around 2,000 bears. So there are many people who live in a significantly higher bear density than in Norrtälje municipality, without allowing it to affect their lives to any significant extent, he says.

In the player above: This is how you should behave if you meet a bear in the forest.