Jens B Nordström analyzes today’s government statement

The government declaration contains a plethora of investigations. But a problem for the Tidö parties is that there are sometimes quite different wishes about what the investigations should end up in, writes TV4 Nyhetern’s domestic policy commentator Jens B Nordström.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson had a classic government statement in many ways: take credit where you can, and play down expectations where you are still not in port.

And it is clear that the Kristersson government has several challenges ahead. Regarding everything from the economy to gang crime and the security situation, the grim conclusion applied: “We live in a time of severe trials.”

“Headwind already in the title”

State Secretary Per Claréus was pleased to point out that for the first time the government’s declaration has been given a name, the aptly catchy one: “Reform power in a time of trials”. Headwind already in the title, in other words.

But one thing is striking in the government’s statement: there are a great many investigations that are underway or to be opened. It is not unnatural for a political collaboration that wants to change things. But sometimes it is also a question of escaping from internal disagreements.
Investigations into renting prison places abroad or initiatives to encourage return migration do much to appease the Sweden Democrats. The same thing with the obligation to provide information, the so-called notification law. Or the newly added inquiry into dental care.

“The big risk for the Tidö parties”

On the steps to the Riksdag, Jimmie Åkesson gave interviews. He also thought that there had been a lot of investigations during the Tidö collaboration’s first year. “Many of them will land in the coming year. Now it’s harvest time,” said Åkesson contentedly.
Therein lies perhaps the great risk for the Tidö parties. It cannot be investigated forever. And when it comes to several of the investigations, not all the Tidö parties can be satisfied. Often the Liberals are in opposition to the Sweden Democrats. Party leader Johan Pehrson thought that the cooperation had been good in the past year. But at the same time, many Liberals say that they hope that the investigations will kill several of the proposals.
“Much of what SD wants cannot be implemented for practical reasons,” said a Liberal profile during the obligatory glass of wine after the opening of the National Assembly.

And there lies the big risk for the Tidö parties right now. This year, several difficult questions come back like a boomerang. Then it cannot be harvest time for everyone.