Jenny Strömstedt’s accident in Nyhetsmorgon: “Do nothing”

Jenny Stromstedts accident in Nyhetsmorgon Do nothing

On Saturdays, viewers can come along Jenny Stromstedt who leads TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon. And so also this Saturday.

On today’s agenda was, among other things, a visit from the actor Sissela Kyle who would talk about her show, which she dedicates to her mother, who in the 80s became the Nordics’ first professor of women’s history.

Strömstedt’s accident in the bright trousers

But something that is not visible during the broadcast is that there has been an accident.

– Someone poured water on one of our brown leather chairs, so I sat on it, says Strömstedt in a clip on Instagram.

Then Strömstedt shows her a dark stain she has got on her pantsuit.

– It’s so wonderful because it’s so perfectly positioned, says Kyle and laughs.


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“Thank you Jenny”

And of course the viewers were amused by the little accident. Here are some comments on the Instagram post:

“Haha! Thank you Jenny and Sissela for it! She is right, however, that it is a big problem for many, and then exactly this is needed”

“More of Sissela, wonderful”

“Do nothing because you’re the best Jenny, you’re a star on Nyhetsmorgon because you’re so simple and easy-going”

“So fun, Sissela’s comments and Jenny offering herself”

“How lucky that this happened with Sissela in the studio. And that it was Jenny who always offers herself.”

The comment field on Nyhetsmorgon’s posts. Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/News morning


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