Jenifer: “It’s important to refocus on yourself from time to time”

Jenifer Its important to refocus on yourself from time to

Last October, Braun announced the name of one of his new muses: Jenifer. Celebrating 100 years of its creation, the brand surrounds itself with an enterprising and passionate ambassador. Meet.

Revealed by the Star Academy show in 2002 and seen more recently as a coach in The Voice, Jenifer is today an accomplished woman. At the head of her own decoration brand Ligati and mother of three children, the 39-year-old singer-actress is now the new Braun brand ambassador, leader in hair removal. On the occasion of this new collaboration, she entrusts us with her beauty secrets.

How does it feel to be the Braun muse?

Jenifer: When I was offered this collaboration, it first made me smile because I was already using Silk-épil 9 Flex on a daily basis. I immediately accepted, especially since I love going where I am not necessarily expected and this proposal surprised me myself at the beginning to tell the truth. The brand offers solutions for active women, like me, who often need to go fast. With Braun, you no longer have to have esthetician appointments. It is this independence that has helped me enormously in everyday life.

How have you been won over by the brand?

I simply love the brand, the ideas it has defended for 100 years all the same and especially their spirit of solidarity with women. Braun helps women feel good about themselves, free and independent in particular through their partnership with Goldup. This project consists of making their professional project a reality or in any case giving them the weapons and the codes they need for some.

What could you say to the girls who don’t dare to go for electric hair removal?

Test! I too remember being reluctant for a long time because I had a bad experience but I came to terms with electric hair removal thanks to the evolution of Braun. They were able to create the object that does not really hurt and today I can not do without my Silk-épil 9 Flex. It can be used in the shower, even on short hairs and its flexible head allows ultra easy and gentle epilation.

A new album, a decoration brand, TV sets, you combine projects! What are your secrets to staying radiant?

So I often answer: love (laughs). Love with all its complexities, passion and fun with all the opportunities open to me and precisely the projects. It allows me to feel alive, even if it includes questioning of course, energy and a lot of adrenaline but I like it!

What are your daily beauty essentials?

Obviously my Silk-épil 9 Flex, but also my La Roche-Posay micellar water and my creams like Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light or Shiseido regenerating day cream that I change regularly. When it comes to makeup, I really like the Eau de Teint from Chanel and when there are days when I’m more marked than others, I use a Sisley or Shiseido foundation with a brush. When I am very tired, I apply the new Valentino illuminator around the eyes, a Guerlain blush, the Hypnôse mascara from Lancôme to open my eyes and I like to put eye shadow in brown tones. I finish with Clarins balm or the “Miracle Balm” from SeeMy Cosmetics on the lips because it does not stick.

Who is your beauty icon and why?

I immediately think of Julia Roberts! It is the embodiment of simple and natural beauty. I find her so talented, of rare elegance and above all that magnificent smile that characterizes her.

What gives you more confidence in yourself and in your beauty?

The people around me and the public of course. The time that I allow myself to take care of myself but also the fact of having a busy life both professionally and personally

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve been given?

It is the large glass of lemon water when I wake up, my mother even forced me to drink it sometimes! It gives me a good start to the day and it’s an important gesture for the skin.

What would be the best beauty advice you could give to a woman?

Drink a lot of water, remove make-up well before going to sleep, hydrate well and above all take a minimum of time for yourself. Even for very active women and even if it’s only five minutes a day, it’s important to refocus on yourself every now and then.

Other beauty projects to come?

I am at the very beginning of my collaboration with Braun but since I love the challenge I would not be surprised to carry out other beauty projects in the future. I love the idea of ​​meeting new people who come from a field that I do not necessarily know and who make me learn.