Jeanne Herry shines her spotlight on restorative justice

Jeanne Herry shines her spotlight on restorative justice

In Rwanda, we know the “gacaca”, the customary system of hearings between accusers and accused intended to resolve local conflicts. In South Africa, there was the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but it was in the very particular context of a country ravaged by decades of Apartheid. Getting victims and detainees to meet, talk, negotiate, take the time to listen, this is a principle at work in many countries where customary justice prevails.

In France, and for quite a short time, there has been a body that brings together people who are on both sides of the scales… It is not a question here of ruling on cases that have already been judged. Here, victims and convicts do not know each other but agree to share their experiences and feelings, under the guidance of supervisors, professionals and volunteers. It is called restorative justice, it was introduced in France in 2014!

And an choral film, in theaters next Wednesday (March 29, 2023), beautifully shows the subtle mechanics: I will always see your faces.

We receive the director Jeanne Herry, and the actor Birane Ba, resident of the Comédie Française, on the poster of this film which has a host of actors: Élodie Bouchez, Gilles Lellouche, Suliane Brahim, Jean-Pierre Daroussin, Adèle Exarchopoulos , Dali Bensalah, Leila Bekti, Denis Podalydès, Miou Miou, Fred Testot.

On the bill of our cinema this Saturday, the cinema newspaper and a meeting with the producer Pape Boy, mentor of one of the African short films, winner of a competition organized by Netlix on a continental scale.

Musical breaks : Flavien Berger Until thenand Young Father I Saw.