Jean-Pierre Foucault’s cardiac arrest, this “curious moment” that changed everything

Jean Pierre Foucaults cardiac arrest this curious moment that changed everything

Jean-Pierre Foucault, who recently suffered a cardiac arrest, says he is “glad to have returned” in an interview where he talks about a new project.

A few months ago, the French media landscape held its breath at the announcement of the hospitalization of one of its most emblematic faces, Jean-Pierre Foucault, following a cardiac arrest. The host, known for his role as presenter of the Miss France show, has since gone through a period of recovery and transformation, which he recently spoke about in an interview with Ciné Télé Revue.

The incident, which could have been fatal, occurred unexpectedly while the host was returning home after a trip. “I was unable to climb the few steps that separated me from the front door. I lay down on the ground, in the garden, and we called for help,” relates Jean-Pierre Foucault in the magazine. The situation quickly worsened, leading to two successive cardiac arrests, the first occurring in his garden and the second in the emergency room. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the emergency services and an operation to insert a stent, his life was saved.

© Francois Mori/AP/SIPA (published on 03/29/2024)

A year after this significant event, the host wants to be reassuring and positive about his state of health. “It’s only been a year. So I’ve already had a year off work. It’s still magnificent! I received remarkable care in Marseille. And I’m living like before again,” confides the host with gratitude. He also recalls the moment of the accident with a certain serenity: “At the time, I wasn’t afraid, because I felt good. […] I experienced this curious incident where you feel yourself leaving and I wasn’t too bad. Although I’m glad to be back.”

Beyond his convalescence, this event also marked a turning point in the career of Jean-Pierre Foucault. Already withdrawn from television for several months, the 76-year-old host is becoming even rarer. “I left a good number of activities, the radio, most of the television shows. We will say that it is a semi-retirement,” he explained to Le Parisien not long ago. A rhythm which still allowed her to come to Paris once a week for the FDJ draws and once a year for the Miss France competition. The rest of the time is in Carry-le-Rouet (Bouches-du-Rhône), where he lives, spending his time between his family, his friends and his classic cars. When he’s not traveling.

But this time Jean-Pierre Foucault has embraced a new path by accepting a leading role in the TV film “Murders on the Blue Coast” to be discovered this March 31 on TF1. An opportunity that he attributes to his knowledge of the producer and the appeal of the project taking place in his native region. “The conditions were more than comfortable,” he admits, reflecting on the challenges encountered, notably learning his text, a task which often kept him awake at night, much to the amusement of his wife.