Jarmo Kekäläinen’s Columbus incredible meltdowns in the NHL | Sport

Jarmo Kekalainens Columbus incredible meltdowns in the NHL Sport
What are we talking about?

Ice hockey matches last 60 minutes. Internalizing this has given Columbus great difficulties over the course of the season. The team has played cheerfully in places, but the continuous total meltdowns in the third sets have already become a topic of conversation more widely.

Quick overview:

Los Angeles match 3–0 -> 3–4

Boston match 1–0 -> 1–3

Carolina match 2–0 -> 2–3

Dallas match 2–0 -> 2–5

Montreal match 2–0 -> 3–4

GM Jarmo Kekäläinen the inability of the team assembled to play games to the end has escalated to the point where their third-period goal difference is a crushing 21-41.

And it wasn’t just about paying the tuition fees of young players. For example, in the losses mentioned above, the team’s most expensive striker Johnny Gaudreau has been on the receiving end of no less than seven downhill speeding hits in even fives.

– Of course, it would be easy to ask if the group runs out of fitness. I don’t believe that. It’s more about the mental side and the ability to play smartly in the lead position. If we now think about this last Kings meltdown, by defending smartly in the game it would have resulted in several good counterattacks, ‘s hockey expert Ismo Lehkonen says.

After seeing everything, it should also be clear that both ends of the rink are well aware of the trend at hand. Los Angeles, for example, knew the game was more than alive after two innings Wednesday morning, despite being down 0-3. Lehkonen also believes that Columbus started living partly through fear.

– When the first goal is scored, the guys on the bench start looking to the sidelines and the coach also thinks about who to put on the ice now. That’s what it always goes to. It smells of a certain atmosphere, which comes to it in those situations. That’s just how it goes. The remedy for that is simple: practice these situations in training, says Lehkonen.

– It would be important to find a couple of chains for those situations. Those for whom killing the game becomes a matter of honor.

Who surprised

The Arizona Coyotes need to be brought up. Although outside the rink the club lives in the middle of constant turbulence, the main product in the rink is selling well right now. The most recent winning streak is five games long and no more and no less than five previous Stanley Cup winners have fallen on the way.

The Coyotes beat Vegas, Colorado, Tampa, St. Louis and Washington.

Arizona is on pace for 95 points, which would be the club’s best haul in twelve years. The number of points would probably also entitle them to the playoffs, where Arizona has not been seen except for the pity round of the corona bubble since spring 2012, when it sensationally advanced to the conference finals.

Arizona is an active, fresh and open-minded combination, whose game often does not lack entertainment value. The positive atmosphere has also lifted many individuals to unprecedented heights. Acquired from Nashville’s backup goalie spot Connor Ingram is one of the best players of the fall and an unreserved 27-year-old Michael Carcone autumn sensation in the goal market (12 hits).

The defense equipment is also successful Sean Durzin and By JJ Moser excellent management.

– They can’t use last season’s element of surprise. Now they will be seriously played against and still they will win. It shows that that team is really well prepared. Much credit must also be given Andre Tourigny to the coaching management, Lehkonen praises.

Game-wise, Lehkonen sees a lot of good in the Coyote pack.

– The defense constantly plays smart. They are able to puck under pressure, but also know how to break down humbly when needed. In attack, they have two chains with pucks and otherwise the team is well played. If by Clayton Keller the chain doesn’t do the job, Matias Maccellin the chain takes care of it, Lehkonen laughs.

Who flopped?

Arguments really start to run out with Buffalo. Expectations were again set high, but there are countless times a disgraceful pancake on offer. Buffalo has played in the playoffs for the last time in the spring of 2011 and won the playoff series last time in 2007, and there will be no break in these streaks even now.

The Sabers are an unruly team, whose leading players still seem to be more interested in team success than in scoring in their own column. For Buffalo’s previous two weeks, the NHL’s third weakest team. Omissa calls more than four times in the match and the underpowered game is 60 percent.

New year, old story.

– These don’t seem to learn. They are still paying the price for the fact that these young people have been given years there with nothing but tinsel. The most important thing has always been your own statistics, winning is not so important. This team doesn’t know how to play the game so that the game ends 2–1, Lehkonen says in Finnish.

Goal of the week

As the goal of the week, we highlight Arizona’s impressive 6-0 underpowered win over Washington.

by Nick Bjugstad a good break in the middle zone leads to a 2-0 attack, which the Yankee center in one by Alex Kerfoot with to finish handsomely. In the goal, you can also see a larger symbolism of the clubs’ directions – the former champion going down ugly and the youthful Arizona coming up quickly.

– Arizona’s coach is a pretty punctual guy. It seems that Arizona is very capable of defending the opponent’s possessions off the puck. The opponent always has to come up with new routes in the middle of the game.

What next?

The coaching change weeks started already in November, when Edmonton was the first to decide to give the boot To Jay Woodcroft. A couple of weeks later, Minnesota showed the door To Dean Evason. Lehkonen does not believe that the last kicks have been seen yet for this season and therefore keeps a close eye on the situation of a few clubs.

Last week we talked about the situation in Ottawa and the situation in the Canadian capital has not changed significantly for the better despite two victories. However, the club hired someone with all the experience as a coaching consultant by Jacques Martin.

The previously mentioned Buffalo is also a club that started the season with high expectations. The results on the rink are certainly anything but what the club management expected from the team. Don Granato coach in the third season at the club with weak results. The Yankee pilot’s winning percentage is only a little over 40.

– Now 20–30 games have been played, so the identity should be visible. Now you should get an idea of ​​whether the team is in the playoffs or not. If you look at Buffalo, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and Seattle, the club management will surely think that if this continues, this season will not be a good one, Lehkonen says.

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