Japan’s prime minister wants to meet Kim

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Kisihida says in his speech to the UN General Assembly on the night of Wednesday Swedish time that Japan stands by the diplomatic pledges that the country’s then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi made during his historic visit to Pyongyang two decades ago.

— Japan is ready to participate in a dialogue on issues of common interest, says Kisihida, who made a similar promise last year.

— I am determined to meet Chairman Kim Jong-Un without reservation and will miss no opportunity to take decisive action.

Kim met former US President Donald Trump on three occasions. The meetings led to reduced tensions, but did not result in any solution to the issue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Japan is closely allied with the United States, but the relationship between Kim and Trump caused some discomfort in Tokyo because the regime is a sworn enemy that kidnapped Japanese citizens in the 1970s and 1980s to train its spies.

North Korea recently introduced a law declaring its readiness to launch nuclear weapons for “preventive” purposes, which many took as a worrying sign that the reclusive dictatorship may resume its test firings in the near future.