January 19 strike in schools: 70% of teachers mobilized

January 19 strike in schools 70 of teachers mobilized

After a first day of strike this Tuesday, January 17, the teachers will once again protest Thursday, January 19 against the pension reform. The mobilization promises to be massive in schools, with one in three schools closed in Paris. Is a reception service for students maintained? We take stock.

[Mise à jour du 17 janvier 2023 à 18h37]. The first day of mobilization of teachers, which took place this Tuesday, January 17, is coming to an end, but the Thursday, January 19 strike looks like a dark day. The strike call was initiated by the eight main French unions (CFDT, CGT, CGE-CGC, CFTC, FO, FSU, Unsa and Solidaires), a first for 12 years, to protest against the pension reform which concerns all sectors. That of National Education was one of the first to respond. The strike of this Thursday, January 19 should be followed more than that of Tuesday, with 70% of strikers in schoolsaccording to Guislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary school union.

Strike of Tuesday, January 17 in National Education: what demands?

The FSU, the first teacher trade union federation, “committed before leaving on leave in a day of action on salaries, career paths and working conditions in education January 17″, she says in a communicated. The union’s demands are clear: they demand a real revaluation of the professionwith “a salary increase without compensation for everyone, at the beginning, middle and end of their career”, “a category B civil servant status for AESH” and for their working conditions, more resources to teach students in good conditions. “The postponement of the specialty tests in June, the repeal of the reform of the baccalaureate and Parcoursup and the overhaul of that of the high school” are also desired, indicates the SNES-FSU in their leaflet for the strike of January 17.

70% of teachers on strike this Thursday, January 19

The strike day this Thursday, January 19 should be particularly followed, to protest against the pension reform which plans to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 years. Once again, teachers will be mobilized and schools will therefore be disrupted. In Paris for examplethe teacher union SNUipp-FSU has already announced that out of 645 establishments, at least 1 in 3 schools would be closed. “70% of teachers will be on strike”, says the union in a tweet. This figure of 70% of strikers is not a surprise because we feel that the question of retirement is a major concern for teachers.“commented Guislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union, to AFP. For parents who wish to know if a reception service will be maintained for this day of strike, the answer is yes. In many schools, when it is not closed, only a few teachers will teach the class, said the teachers’ union in its press release. For the time being, no other estimate of the mobilization of teachers at the national level has been revealed.

In a separate statement, the General Secretary of the Unitary Trade Union Federation, Benoit Teste tells France 24 that the mobilization will be strong. “The 19th I assure you, given the feedback from the field, will be massive. There will be many colleagues in the world of Education (national editor’s note) and in the civil service on strike and in demonstrations.” In a joint statement, CGT Education, CFDT Sgen, Fnec FP-FO, FSU, Snalc, SUD Solidaires Education, and UNSA Education call “staff to meet in schools, establishments, services (…) to mobilize strongly” for the withdrawal of the pension reform.

Will high schools be affected by the strike this Thursday?

Pascal Vivier, the general secretary of Snetaa-FO, the leading vocational education union, announced to the newspaper Le Figarothat the movement should be widely followed in vocational high schools. Some schools have already announced that their teachers have filed their strike notice. Classes will be closed, entire vocational high schools will close. And the mobilization will last”, did he declare.

Towards a renewable strike in schools?

Renew the strike in the schools in the coming days or even weeks is a subject that is on the table among the teachers’ unions. Asked by European 1Cécile, unionized at Force Ouvrière, explains: “We are determined. Here, we didn’t get what we wanted. We hope to renew the next day and the following days, until we win our case..”

Is a minimum reception service provided for in the schools?

In the event of a strike in schools, a minimum reception service is provided for by law, under certain conditions. Primary schools (primary and elementary schools) must ensure a minimum reception service for all their studentswhen there are more than 25% of teachers declared on strike. “A pupil in primary school (kindergarten or elementary) must be welcomed during class time, even if his teacher or mistress is absent. This reception service is free. It is provided differently at public schools and at private school under contract”indicates the site of the Public Service, according to the law in force since 2008. On the other hand, colleges or high schools are not subject to this obligation. The same applies to crèches and after-school care in the structures.

Are teachers obliged to declare themselves strikers in advance?

The right to strike in National Education responds to a few obligations. In the first degree, school teachers must declare their intention to go on strike in advance, at least 48 hours before the movement, respecting one working day. It is therefore not possible to declare oneself a striker on Friday if the strike takes place on Monday. If the teacher does not inform his management, he incurs a disciplinary sanction, indicates the ministry’s website.

In colleges and high schools, if a notice has already been given by a union, teachers are not obliged to declare themselves to be on strike in advance. It is up to the management of the establishment to carry out a census of the strikers and to inform the pupils and their families of them in advance. In fact, some teachers also use interactive platforms with students and families to announce their participation or not a few hours before the start of classes. Advice: do not hesitate to contact the school management a few days before or the day before to find out the details of the mobilization to come.