Janna Jyrkinen’s goal at the World Championships was fulfilled immediately – the 16-year-old talent is no longer nervous – “It’s much calmer now”

Janna Jyrkinens goal at the World Championships was fulfilled immediately

Janna Jyrkinen advanced to the free program at the World Figure Skating Championships.

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A solo skater competing in his first World Figure Skating Championships Janna Jyrkinen cleared his way to the free program of the games held in Saitama, Japan.

Jyrkinen secured his next place right after his performance. He received a score of 56.06 from the jury, which is more than six points away from the record set by a 16-year-old athlete this season.

Earlier this winter, Jyrkinen, who finished seventh in the European Championships held in Espoo, fulfilled his goal at the World Championships right away.

– I’m really happy that I’m competing here. My main goal was to get into the free program. I try to do my best in the free program, Jyrkinen told Urheilu.

In the short program of the European Championships, Jyrkinen skated with a score of 60.77.

The athlete himself was satisfied with his WC performance. He certainly competed, even if the performance was not quite perfect. Jyrkinen faltered once during the program.

– I fought to stay upright. Otherwise, there were no bigger mistakes than that one, Jyrkinen saw.

No more tension

Jyrkinen made his value competition debut at the European Championships. He says that there was more excitement at the European Championships because of the home crowd.

– After the European Championships, I’m not terribly excited about any other competitions, because there were so many spectators and noise. It’s much calmer and easier now.

The women’s free program is scheduled for Friday. The 24 best skaters in the short program advanced to the free program. Jyrkinen was 21st in the short program.

– This is only the first World Cup for me, so I can’t set such big points or ranking goals.

In the World Championships, Jyrkinen will not only face the top of Europe, but also other peaks. Jyrkinen is living his dream.

– I still can’t believe that I am in the same competition with such athletes. This is interesting.