Jan Emanuel “huge” on social media

Jan Emanuel huge on social media



full screen Sara Skyttedal and Jan Emanuel after they presented their newly started party Folklistan on Monday. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Jan Emanuel is “huge” on social media – and he is followed by many young people. That’s what expert Emanuel Karlsten says, who believes that the newly started Folklistan therefore has the potential to take a seat in the EU Parliament.

Jan Emanuel is the party’s top candidate for this summer’s EU elections. Second on the list is former Christian Democrat Sara Skyttedal. Emanuel Karlsten, journalist and expert on social media, does not rule out that the party has a chance to take a mandate.

– Jan Emanuel seems to count on his digital influence to be enough, and I think he may be right about that. But it can also go wrong, he says.

In any case, it is clear that Jan Emanuel is, as Karlsten describes it, “enormously large” and a power factor on social media.

“Not prepared”

With 158,000 followers on Tiktok, he is a good bit bigger than those of the Riksdag’s party leaders who are on the platform. Jan Emanuel also has a considerable following on Instagram: 223,000.

– He has a very straight, clear and uncompromising way that hits home. He is not politically correct, not correct and he talks like most people do – even though he has actually been part of the establishment for a long time, says Emanuel Karlsten.

In addition to his own channels, Jan Emanuel is also a frequent guest in various, mainly right-wing political, podcasts and Youtube channels.

– As a member of the Social Democrats, he has become a fun figure to let in, to create dynamism in the conversation. He always draws an incredible amount of listening, says Karlsten.

Half a million first-time voters

The fact that Sweden will have over 560,000 first-time voters in the election on June 9, according to figures from Eurostat, may also benefit Jan Emanuel. Not least via Tiktok, he reaches a young audience.

– If there are some people who are difficult to get involved in the election, it is first-time voters. Here they have their own candidate. He will burn a lot of money to be seen and heard, and beat some drums, says Emanuel Karlsten.

FACTS Party leaders’ followers on Instagram

Jan Emanuel has 223,000 followers on Instagram. This is what it looks like for the Riksdag’s party leaders:

Magdalena Andersson (S): 242,000

Ebba Busch (KD): 199,000

Ulf Kristersson (M): 183,000

Jimmy Åkesson (SD): 149,000

Nooshi Dadgostar (V): 75,500

Johan Pehrson (L): 23,900

Muharrem Demirok (C): 8,800

Daniel Helldén (MP): 3,400

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