“I’ve been waiting to get out of the cell”

Ive been waiting to get out of the cell

The sprints in free time have been difficult for the Finns in terms of results this season. However, a big Finnish surprise was seen in the Falun sprint, when the 24-year-old Verneri Poikonen reached the semi-finals in the third set via time comparison.

This is the Finnish men’s first semi-final place of the season in the free sprint.

Poikonen skied only for the second time in his career in the sprint stage at the World Cup level. In February, he was 30th in Toblach, Italy. The race was the Finn’s sixth in the World Cup.

Poikonen finished only sixth at the end of the race, but rose to fourth on the last hill. Poikonen’s speed was enough to keep that place at the end of the straight.

– That is a special feature of this track. The bill is terribly piling up. He was clearly the last of the group, Urheilu’s expert Ville Nousiainen rib.

“What a cottage!”

However, the Finnish surprise didn’t have any bangs for the final. He was the last in a tough first semi-final. Among other things, they skied in the lot Johannes Höfslot Kläboof France Lucas Chavanat and Sweden, who won the qualification Edvin Anger.

In the final results, he was 12th.

– I’ve known since Taivalkoski and Ruka that I’m fine. When I’ve been able to fight for the next place, I’ve been waiting for when I can get out of the cell. Skiing in Toblach showed that I’m in good shape.

He was enjoying the atmosphere of the semi-final.

– It was really great to be able to ski the semifinals. My God, what a cottage!

The boy’s strengths are at the end.

– We tried to save there.

As usual, Kläbo took the win before his compatriot Erik Valnesia. Italian Federico Pellegrino was third.

Kläbo took three wins in Drammen and Falun during the week. He has started in 27 World Cup competitions this season, of which he has won no less than 17.

Kläbo’s haul, 26, is the single-season record for wins in the men’s cross-country world cup. Before this season, the record (14 wins) was held by Norway Martin Johnsrud at Sundby from the 2015–16 season.

On the women’s side, Norway Therese Johaug achieved 20 competition wins in the 2019–20 season. In theory, Kläbo can ignore Johaug’s result, but that would require the victory of the Tallinn sprint on Tuesday and the victories of the Lahti sprint and the 20-kilometer traditional skiing combined start next weekend.

Kähärä’s fight was praised

Like Drammen, a Norwegian skied to victory in the women’s sprint Kristine Stavås Ski townwho beat Sweden, who won the WC sprint in Planica, in the final stretch Jonna Sundling.

Sweden is fighting for the Sprint Cup victory Maja Dahlqvist and Switzerland Nadine Fändrich were third and fourth.

Only Finnish women participated in the batches Jasmin Kähärä and Kerttu Niskanen.

This winter, Kähärä, who skied to the under-23 World Championship gold in the traditional sprint, was caught in the continuation position at the end of the straight, but two skiers eventually passed the young Finn.

‘s expert Ville Nousiainen praised Kähärä for his mature sprint skiing, even though he did not get a place in the semi-finals this time. Kähärä worked on the last hill, which guaranteed him a good position for the final straight.

– I am satisfied with how the fight went. He was in good positions. He didn’t give up, but found a new opening where he could squirm. These are the kinds of lessons that you can’t get from the WC or Skandinavia Cup.

Kähärä reached the semifinals in the Dresden city sprint last season.

– Sometimes it bounces in, Nousiainen added.

Diggins froze in front of Niskanen

Kähärä himself was upset.

– The group got through with better lines. The ski was probably the best of the batch, but I should have started the descent from a better place.

Niskanen finished fifth in the last heat.

– There were a lot of bangs towards the end. I watched that Jessie Diggins I’ll take the fart. It wasn’t enough though when he froze in front of me.

The last two sprints of the season will be skied next week in Tallinn and Lahti.

Falun, sprints (v) – results


1. Johannes Kläbo NOR 2.52,73
2. Erik Valnes NOR +0.73
3. Federico Pellegrino ITA +1.18
4. Lucas Chanavat FRA +1.90
5. Richard Jouve FRA +1.96
6. Haakon Asdoel NOR +2.90

12. Verneri Poikonen FIN
25. Niilo Moilanen FIN
30. Verneri Suhonen FIN

54. Wiljam Mattila FIN
56. Lauri Vuorinen FIN
62. Emil Liekari FIN


1. Kristine Skistad NOR 2.55,6
2. Jonna Sundling SWE +0.3
3. Maja Dahlqvist SWE +5.0
4. Nadine Fähndrich SUI +6.4
5. Julie Myhre NOR +10.9
6. Mathilde Myhrvold NOR +13.8

16. Jasmin Kähärä FIN
21. Kerttu Niskanen FIN

31. Anni Alakoski FIN
43. Tiia Olkkonen FIN
48. Eevi-Inkeri Tossavainen FIN

Overall World Cup standings:


1. Johannes Hösflot Kläbo NOR 2,370
2. Pål Golberg NOR 2,061
3. Federico Pellegrino ITA 1,483
4. Hans Christer Holund NOR 1,218
5. Simen Hegstad Krüger NOR 1,185
6. Didrik Tönseth NOR 1,175

21. Perttu Hyvärinen FIN 670
41. Niilo Moilanen FIN 352
45. Markus Vuorela FIN 322
46. ​​Joni Mäki FIN 311


1. Tiril Udnes Weng NOR 1,834
2. Jessie Diggins USA 1,732
3. Kerttu Niskanen FIN 1,632
4. Rosie Brennan USA 1,462
5. Nadine Fähndrich SUI 1,236
6. Frida Karlsson SWE 1 220

11. Krista Pärmäkoski FIN 991
29. Anne Kyllönen FIN 602
34. Jasmi Joensuu FIN 497
42. Eveliina Piippo FIN 378
43. Johanna Matintalo 371

Updated at 17:52: Added information about Kläbo’s number of wins in the season.