“I’ve been in a tumble dryer”

Wife, daughters and grandchildren surprised him, a meeting in a lodge made him cry.
And in the middle of it all, he was praised by players, managers and supporters.
– Emotionally, I have been in a tumble dryer during the evening, says Janne Andersson.

It’s over now. For the “Football worker from Halmstad”, as he prefers to call himself, a future as a coach awaits elsewhere.

Unclear where, unclear when.
– We have talked a bit, Peter Wettergren and I. We have found a way where we complement each other very well. He’s more detail oriented and I have more of a helicopter perspective. We are open to doing something together.
– If it comes up interesting, I’m not full, not finished. I have some fantastic colleagues here who I would love to bring with me, says Jan Andersson.

But it has to be done.
– I will breathe for a few weeks, he says.

Janne in tears

Right now, Andersson is busy dealing with all of Sunday’s tumultuous experiences before, during and after the farewell match as national team captain – 2-0 against Estonia in the European Championship qualifiers – at the Friends arena.

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Hans sees strength in the fact that he dares to show his feelings, to be genuine, both to himself and to others. Therefore, the tears came several times in connection with his 94th and last international match. While the players were warming up, he met relatives of the two murdered supporters in Brussels in October.
– I broke down. It was a very special moment that I hadn’t prepared well enough for and I cried.
– For me, it was very important to meet them. We were on site in Brussels. When I found out what had happened during the break, I felt enormous anger, you felt sad. There were so many emotions that came over me. I was terribly worried about how things would go for our supporters. The perpetrator was not caught, it was not known if there were more.

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Nice surprise

– When I met the relatives, everything became actualized in some way. It was very emotional. I have the greatest respect for them wanting to come and watch us.

When Patrick Lundstrom and Kent Persson was honored with a minute’s silence, the tears came again. And again when his wife Ulrika and his daughters and grandchildren came down to the field after the match.
– For me, family is the most important thing in life. They follow football but are good at picking me down. They don’t see me as the national team captain, but as a husband, father or grandfather.

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