“I’ve been feeling very bad”

Mathias Bromé has kept quiet during the negotiations in the SHL.
But now the infected transition is complete and then he breaks the silence.
– I have felt very bad, he says to the local newspaper NA.

The spring has been very difficult for the SHL star Mathias Brome. It was after Örebro lost at home with 0-6 against Skellefteå AIK that everything started.

Bromé’s tough time

The trainer Niklas Eriksson then chose to poke the star players Philip Holm and Mathias Bromé the rest of the regular season and also in the round of 16 against Luleå. Both have also not been allowed to train with the team during the opening pre-season.

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240302 Örebro’s Mathias Bromé before the ice hockey match in the SHL between Örebro and Växjö on March 2, 2024 in Örebro. Photo: Jeanette Dahlström / BILDBYRÅN / COP 246 / JD0071

Recently, Örebro has tried to get rid of Bromé and has been in negotiations with league rival Luleå. It has been the most protracted transition of the year, but on Monday everything became clear.

Change SHL club

The solution was finally that Örebro bought the 29-year-old out of his four-year contract with the club and instead he signed a four-year contract with Luleå. The forward thus leaves the club he played over 200 games for with a bitter aftertaste.
– We want to be clear in emphasizing that Mathias has not broken any laws, rules or agreements, but that we have ended up in a situation where the relationship between Mathias and the coaches has become untenable, says Örebro’s sports director Henrik Löwdahl in a press release.

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240123 Örebro’s Mathias Bromé after the SHL ice hockey match between Örebro and Frölunda on January 23, 2024 in Örebro. Photo: Johan Bernström / BILDBYRÅN / COP 119 / JB0173

During the negotiations, Bromé has kept quiet and let the clubs do their thing. But now the SHL star breaks the silence with his very first word about what this time has been like.
– Of course it’s boring, it’s nothing to stick under the chair with. Very boring, I think. I’ve had a great time here and have played over 200 games and played good hockey. Of course it’s sad, but the situation is what it is and then we needed to find a solution, says Mathias in an interview with Nerikes Allehanda.
– What is in the press release is what I am speaking about. I have had a great relationship with Henrik Löwdahl (sports director) and with the club. I have nothing to say about it, either. There are many people in the club who meant a lot to me and I have many close friends.

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It has been a very tough time for Mathias Bromé, but now he just wants to put this behind him. And focus on your future in Luleå.
– I have felt very bad. It’s clear they did it. It is still something that affects everyday life and there is a lot of writing and rumours. It’s clear it’s hard, but now you have to look ahead and see what lies ahead, he says to the local newspaper.

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