It’s worth $3.4 million! 192 historical artifacts returned to Pakistan

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According to national media reports, historical artifacts smuggled from Pakistan were found as a result of the Manhattan Attorney’s Office’s investigation into Indo-American antiquities smuggler Subhash Kapoor.

At the event held in Pakistan’s New York Consulate, 192 historical artifacts worth 3.4 million dollars were delivered to the authorities of this country.


Among the pieces is the “Gandharan statue representing the enlightened form of Buddha, Maitreya”. It is stated that these historical artifacts were looted from the archaeological site of the neolithic period in Pakistan.

Antiquities smuggler Kapoor was caught at Frankfurt Airport in Germany in 2011 and extradited to India. Kapoor, who has been in prison since then, was found guilty last week and sentenced to 13 years in prison. (AA)