It’s the end of the road for the Lunar vehicle signed by Intuitive Machines

Its the end of the road for the Lunar vehicle

As officially announced, it is the end of the road for the Moon vehicle signed by Intuitive Machines sent by SpaceX. case.

For those who missed it, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, Based in Houston Intuitive Machines developed by Nova-C Lunar rover named IM-1 mission Falcon 9 He set off with a smooth take-off from the center. This spacecraft achieved a significant success. made a landing on the Moon last month. succeeded. However, the process did not go exactly as desired. Landing on its side because one of its feet is stuck on the surface Nova-C, Despite this situation, he was still receiving sunlight to power his battery, meaning he was still alive despite being on his side. Later analysis showed that this energy was not as sufficient as expected. According to the company’s own data, Nova-C’s panels were not at the desired angle due to a rough landing. In this respect, as expected, it lacked energy and ultimately became unusable. Nova-C was of great importance for the country because The United States had not been able to land a solid spacecraft on the Moon since 1972. It was stated that Nova-C was specifically landed on the southern side of the Moon’s surface.


Recently, Japan has also made a voice regarding the Moon. Because Japan had landed on the Moon within weeks. With this landing, JapanUSA, Russia, China and IndiaAfter “ Became the 5th country to land on the moon. The first statement from JAXA about the success achieved in the statement, “After landing, communication was established with the spacecraft. However, the solar cells on the rover SLIM are not currently producing power and priority is currently given to collecting data from SLIM.” It was said. Later, a historical photo was shared, as it becomes clear with this photo The SLIM spacecraft landed upside down on the Moon. The photo of SLIM, which basically became a dead spacecraft because it ran out of power, was taken by the Lunar Excursion Vehicle 2, which makes explorations on the Moon, according to the statement. In the statement, JAXA also said that SLIM met the surface of the Moon approximately 55 meters east of the originally targeted landing site.