It’s the best comedy series of recent years, and yet you may not have seen it

Its the best comedy series of recent years and yet

Funny, punchy and refreshing, it’s the sitcom of the moment in the United States, but it doesn’t seem as popular in France.

Want a good dose of laughs? It is possible to discover one of the most popular comedy series of the moment in the United States on a streaming platform available in France. If you like The Office Or Parks and Recreationyou can let yourself be seduced by this very endearing sitcom, broadcast since 2021.

Like the two programs mentioned above, Abbott Elementary is a comedy series which adopts the concept of “mockumentary”, that is to say which pretends that the characters are the heroes of a documentary being filmed. This fiction is set in a public school in the black neighborhood of Philadelphia and tells the life of teachers who, despite budget cuts and poor district management, are passionate enough to find solutions and face the difficulties of everyday life.

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Like any comedy series, each 20-minute episode focuses on a plot that can be caught on the fly without having seen the rest (even if there are common threads in each season). It recounts the adventures of endearing characters, colorful, but far from being caricatures.

If the themes covered are very serious (the lack of funding allocated to American public schools), the writing is subtle enough to succeed in making people laugh while getting messages across. In the USA, Abbott Elementary is also a great critical success which has already won three Golden Globes in 2023: that of best comedy series, best actress in a comedy series for Quinta Brunson (main actress and creator of the series) and best actor in a supporting role in a comedy series for Tyler James Williams.

The series has already won four Emmy Awards, including Best Casting for a Comedy Series in 2022. If you are missing an American comedy series, you can discover the first two seasons now on Disney+. Season 3 ofAbbott Elementary is put online on June 12, 2024 on the streaming platform, while a fourth is currently being prepared.