“It’s nice to see”

Frida Karlsson, Maja Dahlqvist and Linn Svahn are on vacation.
The destination makes the Norwegians cheer.
– It warms the heart, says Dagbladet’s Kristoffer Lökås.

Frida Karlsson has just finished a fantastic season in the world of cross-country skiing. She enjoyed great success in the World Cup during the championship-free season, eventually finishing third in the overall standings.

“The decision makes Norway react”

This weekend, Karlsson ended the season by defeating Ebba Andersson in a hot duel at home in Sollefteå. There were two straight victories for Frida against teammate and rival Ebba, but she had not done the upload in Sweden. Frida Karlsson chose, before the competitions at home, to go on a small mini-holiday.

With her were her teammates and close friends Linn Svahn and Maja Dahlqvist, as well as the latter’s partner, also a skier, Kevin Bolger. The skiing stars were in Norway and Romsdalen, and pictures of the beautiful environments where skiing and swimming were shared widely. And the fact that the Swedish cross-country heroes chose Norway is now being noticed in our neighboring country.

“It’s nice to see”

In the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet’s program “TV-Sporten”, the journalists react with joy to the fact that the Swedes chose Norway over Sweden.

– What warms all Norwegian hearts the most this week are the Swedish stars Frida Karlsson, Maja Dahlqvist and Linn Svahn. They don’t choose to go to the Swedish mountains, but the Norwegian ones, says reporter Kristoffer Lökås.

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram

While Lökås is clear about paying tribute to the stars for their outstanding seasons – Linn Svahn won, among other things, the overall sprint cup – he also enjoys seeing the Swedes vacationing in Norway.

– It was very fun to see. It’s kind of nice to see that the Swedes don’t vacation in their home country, he says.

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