Its harm is worse than cigarettes! It’s addicting, it’s killing it slowly

The ugly side effects of eating potato chips according to

The concept of food addiction has been debated for a long time, and some say it is compatible with diet culture. A recent article in the journal Addiction states that highly processed foods like packaged cookies and potato chips can be addictive. He argues that a warning on the labels of ultra-processed foods could be a life-saving step.

The researchers note that ultra-processed foods should have a standard warning on their labels, just like on the packaging of tobacco products. Ashley Gearhardt, one of the officials involved in the research, told Insider that the model should be used, such as warning labels used in tobacco products, advertising restrictions, and restriction of sale to children.



“People prefer tobacco products and ultra-processed foods for the same reasons. They prefer these products to reduce negative mood and uplift. We see that the mood-altering degree of these substances is extremely similar,” Gearhardt told Insider. The researchers noted that ultra-processed foods, among other reasons, people continue to eat them past the satiety point. Cravings for ultra-processed foods have been shown to activate similar brain pathways as other addictive substances.