It’s already saved lives: always have a message on your phone’s lock screen

Its already saved lives always have a message on your

To be easily contacted in an emergency situation, a message on your Android’s lock screen can make all the difference.

The smartphone contains our whole life, and just the thought of forgetting it somewhere or losing it can cause anxiety in some people. If the smartphone is lost or forgotten, it may not be easy for the person who finds it to contact the owner. Nowadays, most smartphones are well protected with a lock, making access to contacts almost impossible. Likewise, if you have an accident and are unconscious or confused, if you suffer from a psychological disorder and seek help… or other similar situations, how does a person who finds you in the street help you?

To be easily contacted in any of these situations, adding a message to your phone’s lock screen could make all the difference. Android allows you to perform this manipulation very easily. We advise you to also carry it out on your children’s telephones with a message such as “In case of emergency call my parents at…”

This is how your message will appear on the phone screen © DR

Let’s see how to do it. The method may vary slightly depending on your phone manufacturer but will remain quite similar. The first step is to go to the settings of the smartphone and search for “lock screen” (on Samsung for example) or “home screen” (on Huawei for example). Among the various options available, which vary depending on the model, you will find the option “Contact information” or “Text on the lock screen”. By clicking on it, a text box will appear where you have to enter the message.

You can write the phone number of a relative or an acquaintance as well as a message or add an e-mail address and even give instructions such as to report the smartphone to the police… and many other information which might be useful in any of the mentioned scenarios. After that, just click OK and as soon as you lock your smartphone, the message appears on the lock screen.