Italy’s brothers look set to be the biggest in the election

Italys brothers look set to be the biggest in the

This is how the state of opinion looks before the EU elections in Italy (with the current number of mandates and party group affiliation in the EU in parentheses):

Brothers of Italy (10, EU-sceptic ECR): 26.5 percent

Democratic Party (14, social democratic S&D): 22.5 percent

The Five Star Movement (5, groupless): 15.4 percent

Cheers Italy (10, conservative EPP): 9.2 percent

Lega (22, EU-critical ID): 8.6 percent

The Green Left (1, groupless): 4.6 percent

United States of Europe (1, liberal RE): 4.1 percent

Action – We are Europeans (2, liberal RE): 3.6 percent

Footnote: Several of the members who were elected in the last election in 2019 have since changed or left their parties.

Source: Opinion institute Ipsos.