Italy ready for the European Championship – after Ukraine’s call for a penalty

See the penalty situation in the player above.

The conditions were clear for the EC qualifying match between Ukraine and Italy. A draw or victory for Italy would have sent the Italians to the championship in Germany next summer.

However, a Ukrainian victory would give Ukraine a direct place in the European Championship, while Italy would have to qualify via the Nations League.

The Premier League stars protested

The match, which was played in Germany, was tight and offered few goalscoring chances – but in the 93rd minute the opportunity presented itself for Ukraine.

The ball was played into the penalty area from the right wing, and Chelsea star Mychajlo Mudryk fell over.

However, the judge chose to acquit, and there was no penalty. There was great anger on the Ukrainian bench and Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zintchenko was one of several to show his displeasure.

0-0 was the final result, and Ukraine must therefore try to qualify for the EC via the Nations League playoff this spring.