Italian elections, EU specifies von der Leyen’s words: “It did not intervene on the vote”

Italian elections EU specifies von der Leyens words It did

(Finance) – “I think it is absolutely clear that the President von der Leyen it did not intervene in the Italian elections when it spoke about tools and he referred to procedures in progress in other countries “. It has clarified the spokesman of the EU Commission, Eric Mamer specifying that President Ursula in her reply von der Leyen “explicitly said that the Commission will work with all the governments that will come out of the elections and that they want to work with the European Commission “. The clarification came after the controversy over yesterday’s statements by the President of the EU Commission, von der Leyen, is mounting in Italy.

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy, there were also elections in Sweden. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary “, he said in response to a question to Princeton about the possible outcome of the elections in Italy, given that, it was pointed out, among the candidates there are figures close to Putin.

Words that according to many interpret the “wait and see” with which at Palazzo Berlaymont we look at a possible government led by Giorgia Meloni. But Brussels reiterates that there is no interferencegiven that what matters is the collaborative attitude with which the leaders sit in the European Council.

Phrases that, however, are not at all liked by the leader of the League. “Those of Ursula von der Leyen I am of one unheard of gravitywould result in immediate resignations or an apology, “he commented Matteo Salvini. “What do you mean ‘if things go in a difficult direction?’ If the left does not win? It’s an unsolicited invasion of the field. “

“I think” the president of the EU commission Ursula von der Leyen “surely will clarify, because his sentence lends itself to ambiguity. Von der Leyen comes from the same party that Berlusconi and Tajani belong to, it’s not like we’re talking about a dangerous communist. We are talking about an absolutely balanced person who has nothing prejudicial to that cultural area “, said the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta.