It will take at least 5-7 days to repair the rails to Arlanda

It will take at least 5-7 days before Arlanda Express can drive out to the airport again, according to the company’s CEO Magnus Zetterberg, who was nevertheless relieved that the derailment did not lead to worse consequences.
– We will have to replace approximately one kilometer of rails and several switches.

Saturday morning’s train clock tracking at Arlanda express train will take at least five days to repair. During the day, the company was able to ascertain that around one kilometer of rails, four switches and the train will need to be repaired.

– We have no forecast for this, but at least 5-7 days, says Magnus Zetterström on Arlanda express.

Positive outcome depending on the circumstances

Zetterberg says that even if the train was traveling 150 kilometers per hour at the time of the derailment, it could have been worse.

– The trains stopped, it could have been much worse. You obviously don’t want something like this to happen, but I see the outcome as it did as very positive.

Customers who bought tickets with Arlanda express will have their tickets refunded. Customers who come to the platform to get out to Arlanda will be helped by taxi.

– Normally you are a bit stressed when you arrive in this type of environment and are going out to the airport, so we try to make it as smooth as possible for our customers.

Don’t know what happened

During Saturday, an accident commission has begun to look into what led to the derailment. To be able to draw any conclusions, you have to get on the train, says Zetterberg.

– We need to do that with a giant crane that we are moving down from Sundsvall, and it will take 8-10 hours, says the CEO on Saturday afternoon.