it will be a prequel, Dom returns

it will be a prequel Dom returns

Among the countless games that Microsoft rolled out during its Xbox Games Showcase, there was one that was particularly anticipated and which had already been the subject of rumors, namely Gears of War 6. It must be said that the latest episode in date dates back to 2019 and the series has started to decline in terms of quality, with gameplay that has struggled to renew itself and a semi open world integrated into the shoehorn 5 years ago. The question therefore remained unanswered, was Marcus Fenix ​​going to return, he who was aging, his son did not have his charisma and the TPS covers have evolved a lot. The response therefore came at the end of the conference with the officialization of Gears of War E-Day, an episode planned for PC and Xbox Series and whose release date has not yet been revealed. Neither does the gameplay (even if we know that the game is developed under Unreal Engine 5), since the goal was to confirm its existence and show fans of the license that the developers have heard them.

We actually started with a prequel, at the time of Emergence Day, where the Locust appeared for the first time. We see a rejuvenated Marcus Fenix, without his graying beard and above all accompanied by his eternal friend Dom, who is thus making his comeback. The story will take place 14 years before the events of the first Gears of War. Enough to restore taste and hope in the face of a license that deserves its real transformation. If we are delighted to see that the duo is back, we hope that the gameplay will be as innovative as it was in 2006 when it landed on Xbox 360.

Note that the trailer was created by Blur Studio which took elements from the launch trailer for the first Gears of War in 2006, with re-orchestrated notes from Gary Jules’ “Mad World” by the game’s composer, Adam Lastiwka. This too is to strike our nostalgic chord. And it works!