It was shot down by a Russian fighter jet! The US drone confused the Black Sea… A statement came from the White House: “In order not to capture the information…”

It was shot down by a Russian fighter jet The

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said he was unsure if the wreckage of a US drone (UAV) crashed by Russian planes and crashed into the Black Sea could be salvaged.

Speaking to CNN television, Kirby answered questions about the Russian Su-27 fighter jet crashing into the US MQ-9 type UAV, which was making a reconnaissance flight over the Black Sea.


Kirby stated that the UAV fell into deep waters in the Black Sea and was not sure that the wreckage could be salvaged. “We are still evaluating whether there will be any recovery efforts,” said coordinator Kirby. said.

Noting that they also took steps to prevent the information in the UAV from being captured, Kirby underlined that they did their best in this regard.

Kirby noted that they conveyed the message to the Russian Ambassador to Washington that “they should be more careful when passing near US planes flying in international airspace in completely legal ways”.

“They’re the ones who should be more careful.” Kirby said that they were flying well outside the airspace claimed by Ukraine or any other country. Kirby stated that the Black Sea belongs to many countries, not Russia, and underlined that they will continue to operate in accordance with international law.

Pointing out that such events increase the risk of “misunderstanding”, Kirby emphasized that no one would want the events to escalate the war in Ukraine and create a situation that would bring the USA and Russia into confrontation. Saying that this would not be good for the people of Ukraine or Europe, but for the whole world, Kirby noted that they were trying not to escalate the tension.


Coordinator Kirby stated that they continue to examine the images that can be collected regarding the incident.

When asked about the joint naval exercise of China, Iran and Russia in the Gulf of Oman, Kirby stated that countries organize these exercises from time to time, and that this is not the first time Russia and China have held such an exercise. Kirby, on the other hand, stated that they will monitor the exercise to make sure there are no threats to themselves or their allies. (AA)