It was said to be healthy for years! Eating propolis puts your health at risk

It was said to be healthy for years Eating propolis

Propolis, like honey, is a product produced by bees. Due to the components in it, propolis and royal jelly, which are often used in colds, have many benefits. However, besides these benefits, the harms should not be ignored. prof. Dr. Vefik Arıca said that excessive use of propolis and royal jelly leads to early puberty and breast development in boys.


prof. Dr. Arıca explained that there has been a great increase in the use of propolis and royal jelly recently. Stating that the use of royal jelly and propolis protects the immune system at a very high level, Arıca said, “Of course, some warnings should be made. In particular, propolis and royal jelly contain the female hormone called estrogen. Two diseases come to the fore with this estrogen substance, especially in irregular use, in those who do not use it in appropriate doses, in those who do not use it under the control of a physician and from under-the-counter production. One is breast development in men, namely gynecomastia. It causes the formation of a large amount of breast tissue in men. The second is that children enter puberty early,” he said.


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Drawing attention to the recent increase in these diseases due to excessive use, Prof. Dr. Arcia said:
“Therefore, there has been a significant increase in the use of propolis at appropriate doses outside the control of a physician, especially in the last period of early puberty. In some cases, gynecomastia events in men, especially breast development and growth in men, come to the fore. In these two cases, the use of propolis is questioned. If using propolis, the use of propolis and royal jelly should be suspended for a certain period of time.”