“It was really scary” – see the top-level incident at the Oberstdorf airfield, Nousiainen added to his record readings in the qualifiers

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Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud had to pick up himself after a fierce situation. Eetu Nousiainen was able to ventilate properly once again.

At the World Jumping Cup in Oberstdorf, a dangerous situation was seen in the qualifiers on Friday. Norwegian top name Halvor Egner Granerud attached from the hill right to the edge of the montu and close to the advertising fences. Granerud even went so hard over the edging that the cones grabbed the skis in the third race of the World Cup overall. Granerud had since crashed.

– Granerud always flies very hard. When you go to the edge on an airfield, the situation comes under control, Sport’s expert Janne Ahonen comments.

Granerud jumped 200 meters and was 28th on the HS235 hill. The qualifiers also saw Finnish success. Eetu Nousiainen added 223.5 meters, a personal record. Nousiainen was 15th in the qualifiers.

Nousiainen, who reached the peak of the spring season, ventilated wildly after his jump.

– Really good jumping. Now he can enjoy hill jumping to the fullest, Ahonen described.

At the end of February in Lahti, Nousiainen took the best World Cup ranking of his career when he was 18th on the big hill. Nousiainen pushed his previous hill record in Vikersund last week. He shook 222 meters in the World Cup team competition. After performing in Vikersund, Nousiainen said in a statement from the Ski Association that he was looking for equality in his jumps for the rest of the season.

– I think the hills will only get better from this, so we will be happy to continue through to the end, Nousiainen said a week ago.

This weekend is the last race weekend in the hill jumping world cup. Next week, competitions for Planica Airport will be the last.