It turned out why they didn’t announce it… The statement came about the nuclear power plant in the USA, which leaked radioactive water

It turned out why they didnt announce it The statement

Xcel Energy company, which operates the Monticello Nuclear Power Plant in the state of Minnesota, made a statement on March 16, stating that there was a leak at the plant on November 21 last year, and that the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was informed the next day and said, “The leak is under control and the Nuclear Regulation is under control. It does not pose any risk to local people or the environment, as approved by the rules of the Commission.” State officials, on the other hand, stated that they were waiting to learn more before making the leak public, and that radioactive water did not leave the plant or mix with groundwater.

25 percent of the tritium is cleared

Xcel Energy officials stated that the leaked water contains tritium in a non-hazardous amount and said, “Tritium is a compound that occurs naturally in the environment and is usually formed in the operation of nuclear power plants. (Tritium) It emits low levels of radiation, like everyday items that people use and the food we all eat.” “Xcel Energy has cleared approximately 25 percent of the tritium released to date and will continue to clean it over the next year,” the firm said in its statement.


Monticello Municipality made a statement on the subject yesterday and stated that they learned about the leak in February 2023 and said, “If state or federal surveillance agencies detect any potential or actual impact on the city’s drinking water supply or infrastructure, the Municipality will immediately inform the public with assistance from these agencies.” (DHA)