It takes place on Robinson Island while the show is being filmed

It takes place on Robinson Island while the show is

Robinson 2024 is in full swing and according to the viewers, this year’s season has already delivered to the full after two weeks.

The season has been marred by intrigue and bickering within the teams, and many viewers have been skeptical that this year it’s the boys against the girls.

During the week, viewers also got to see Chemo Samateh is sent home from the island after Anders Lundin shows up unannounced on the beach.

Anders Lundin picked up Kemo. Image source: TV4

– I have some sad news to bring. And it is that you did not follow the instructions and the information you received about your health before traveling here. In other words, your health is not safe here and therefore you must cancel your participation, Anders said.

As Kemo can risk a number of different diseases on the island, he was immediately forced to leave.

– It’s a shame… to be completely honest, I think I could have won this, he said before leaving.

After the event, TV4 will redo Robinson and the requirements for the participants.

Robinson 2024: It happens on the island

There are more people than you think who are on location during a Robinson recording. One of the people behind the cameras is called Ellinor Eke-Göransson and is for many on the TV sofas an already familiar face. She was in Bonde sørk fru 2021 and became a big viewer favorite.

Ellinor Eke-Göransson was in Bonde søger fru 2021. Image source: TV4

The love story between her and Filip Nilsson came to an abrupt end, however, and as it sounded to Ellinor, the atmosphere between the parties is a bit frosty today

Ellinor instead went back to her old profession as a journalist which includes working behind the cameras on Robinson Island as a feature producer.

Every so often, she holds question and answer sessions where she answers the most common questions she receives. And this time she brought staggering news.

Ellinor Eke-Göransson answered questions. Image source: TV4

Ellinor tells us that there are a total of 70 Swedes who work in production, but also another 100 carpenters who are on site to build the tracks.

During the question and answer session, she also wrote that the season she is currently working on is not the one that is currently on TV.