It looks like there won’t be a new version for Tesla Model Y this year

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Popular electric car also sold in Turkey Tesla Model Y A new version or major update coming soon for Looks like it won’t come.

Tesla China According to the information provided by Tesla Model Y There will be no renewal work for at least 2024. Tesla China makes this statement specifically for China, but it does not seem likely that the company will renew Model Y in other markets for 2024. Model Y If you missed it, it was the best-selling car in Europe in 2023. Made by Tesla in Germany Model Y, It made history as the first electric car to become Europe’s best-selling car throughout the year. In total surpassed 254 thousand sales The calculated vehicle was really appreciated in the European markets. As we learned recently Model Y also became the best-selling car in the world. Vehicle According to Jato’s data By selling 1.23 million units, it managed to stay ahead of the Toyota RAV4, which sold 1.07 million, and the Toyota Corolla, which sold 1.01 million.


Teslaa “compact crossover” codenamed “Redwood” as reported last month is developing. According to information confirmed by multiple sources, this “compact crossover” codenamed “Redwood” is currently in production. Production is targeted for mid-2025. It is reported that it aims to produce 10 thousand units of this vehicle every week after a certain level. TeslaAs you know, it has been on the agenda for a long time with a 25 thousand dollar model. The company, which is expected to offer the cheapest electric vehicle to the market under the name “Model 2” and produce it based in Germany, wants to stand out with lower priced vehicles in the market where BYD has increased its influence incredibly, and it needs it more than ever.