It is magnificent in every way: It is healing, its oil is a natural aphrodisiac! Half a teaspoon is like a stone

It is magnificent in every way It is healing its

The coriander plant, which grows in almost every region of our country, creates a miracle with its health benefits. Coriander, also known as ashot, quince and Chinese parsley, is healing. Coriander plant, coriander seed and coriander oil have separate benefits. Coriander seed, which you can use as a medicine against increasing diseases, repairs the immune system and raises the ceiling. By eating less than a teaspoon, you can turn your body like a stone.

Coriander grass ripens in August and September. After ripening, it is collected and left to dry in a shaded and airy area. Then the plant is held by the stem and shaken and the seeds are poured.


At the beginning of the remarkable benefits of the coriander plant is the end of sexual reluctance. It is a natural aphrodisiac. For this reason, it is also known as a libido booster. Experts recommend coriander oil to couples who have problems in their sexual life. Coriander, which is a natural aphrodisiac, increases libido.



You can prevent vision loss by consuming coriander seeds regularly.

The benefits of coriander tea are responsible for removing bacteria and bad odor in the mouth.

Those who consume coriander tea will live a life free from tooth decay and bad breath.


Coriander spice, which has the task of balancing blood pressure, is effective enough to prevent heart diseases.

Coriander, which prevents blockage in the veins, eliminates the risk of a possible heart attack.

Being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, coriander stimulates nerve endings.

You can prevent problems such as stress, anxiety, anxiety and sleep disorders thanks to 1 cup of coriander tea.

Coriander is one of the sources of calcium and is strong enough to protect bones.

It prevents conditions such as oiliness and stains on the skin. If you regularly apply coriander oil to your skin as a massage, you will help heal acne, blemishes and wounds in that area.

In addition, by drinking coriander tea, you protect the general skin health. The secret of youth is in 1 cup of coriander tea!

Containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B and many minerals, coriander is immune system friendly.