It has been announced how many Togg T10X have been delivered so far

It has been announced how many Togg T10X have been

The latest domestic car model whose daily production was increased to 280 Togg T10X Officially a delivery count today for shared.

President Erdogan, within the scope of the press conference held this evening, said, “12,000 Togg T10X deliveries have been made so far.” he shared the statement. Before this, Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır made some statements about T10X. Kacır stated that the pre-ordered 20 thousand Toggs will be delivered to their owners by the end of the year. “By the end of 2024, Togg will now be at the point of being exported to the European Union (EU), and we will see increasing numbers of Togg on European roads in 2025.” he said. Minister Kacır reminded that Togg was designed as a smart and electric car from birth, and said: “In fact, Togg is one of the most concrete examples of Turkey’s green transformation and carbon neutral vision.” he said. been here before as reported Togg T10X Orders for can be made through Trumore in 2024 without any draw. Togg, which is estimated to produce over 80 thousand units next year if it continues at the same pace, has increased its production capacity to 280 units in double shifts as of October.


The company, which is reported to be pushing the button for a sedan vehicle in 2024, made a splash with two other statements before this. If last month “Our deliveries continue to increase” who says Togg, He shared the following on his official X (Twitter) account: “In October 3,567 T10Xsince May, when we started delivery, in total 9,171 units “T10X was introduced to our users.”