It grows on its own, collect it where you see it! It heals wounds without leaving a trace, protects against infection, removes toxins… What is gentian, what are the benefits of gentian?

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Gentian, also known as gentian, is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial. It is a broad-leaved plant that grows spontaneously on the edges of the meadow, has a height of up to 1 meter, and gives yellow flowers in July-August. It can be found easily in spring and summer, and is sold dried in herbalists.


The roots of 4-5 year old plants are removed in autumn or winter, cleaned, sliced ​​and dried slowly under the sun and then in the shade. Dietitian Elif Kübra Bostancı recommends that it should be consumed by drying, as in most plant species, in order to remove its harmful effects. These dried roots are ground into powder and drunk by boiling or brewing in water. It has a bitter taste, but its juice is very healing. It has many positive benefits to the human body. It stimulates the nerve endings in the digestive system and supports digestion.