“It goes straight to the heart”

This year’s season of the Champions of Champions has been tough.
But in tonight’s episode, it gets really emotional for the participants.
– It went straight to the heart, admits Jimmy Samuelsson in SVT.

It has been a long and tough season for the Champion of Champions. This year’s participants really gave it their all and offered a very entertaining edition of the acclaimed SVT program.

Really emotional

Now it’s getting closer to the final and then the pressure is turned up even more. In Sunday’s episode, the five ex-athletes who are still in the competition were surprised by greetings from home and then it got really emotional.

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Sebastian Larsson is moved to tears in tonight’s episode of Master of Masters. PHOTO: SVT

Family members had been allowed to send in video greetings to show support before the end and it became difficult to hold back the tears.
– Hey Jojo! I know you are incredibly strong, both mentally and physically. You have always been determined and get where you want to go. Fight on and enjoy, they say Johanna Davidssons sister in the program.
– It was very nice! My sisters mean a lot. We have always been tight and had a lot of fun together, Johanna answers.

Larsson was touched

Sebastian Larsson was very touched when his wife and two daughters got in touch.
– Hi dad! You are awesome and we are incredibly proud of how talented you are. We miss you very, very much! Even if you don’t win, you are the best in our eyes, says Larsson’s family in the greeting.
– It was wonderful! I got to see my children and my wife. Absolutely that you long to go home even more and give them each your big hug. They mean more than anything else, Sebastian replies.

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Emma Johansson had already received a greeting from her husband and children before, and therefore received from her parents this time.
– Hello Emma! Mom and Dad here. We intended to send some power from Sollefteå, it seems to be going quite well for you, but we are not particularly surprised by that. We are extremely proud of you and wish you all the best in the future. Just keep fighting!, say Johansson’s parents.
– It was great to receive a greeting from mum and dad. It was extra exciting and needed today, replies Emma.

Samuelsson’s tears

The heartwarming words from the family members touched all the participants and the homesickness became palpable.
– You always clenched your fist and fixed it, you delivered. You found the strength somewhere within you every single time. I promise you, you still have it. Show who is the champion of champions, says Anja Pärsons Sister.
– My sister has always been my biggest supporter. We grew up close together and she has always been there. She is a great role model for me, replies Anja.

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Jimmy Samuelsson can’t hold back the tears in tonight’s episode of Mästarnas mäster. PHOTO: SVT

When it came time for the last video greeting Jimmy Samuelsson a tear fell from her cheek.
– Hi dad! We are so happy that you have made it this far into the competition, not that we would have expected anything else because you always fight your hardest and you never give up. No matter how it goes, you know that we are very proud of you, you are our role model and idol. We are so excited to see you on our favorite show. We wish you all the best, keep fighting!, say his three daughters.
– It was emotional. I had longed to see them and to see such a tribute, it went straight to the heart. You’re a little bloody, they’re fantastic girls and all the love to them, Jimmy replies.

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