Israeli army demanded the evacuation of Şifa Hospital

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Speaking to AA correspondent, Ministry of Health sources in Gaza noted that the Israeli army asked the hospital administration to evacuate the Shifa Hospital, where patients, injured, displaced persons and medical personnel were located.

On the other hand, it was stated that the Israeli army’s siege of Şifa Hospital continues and that it continues its search and excavation work inside the hospital.


The Israeli army raided the Shifa Hospital, the largest health facility in the region, where thousands of patients and displaced civilians were located in Gaza, on November 15.

Israel presented as evidence the rusty weapons and several cameras it claimed to have found in the building instead of the tunnels and ammunition depots after the raid, which caused criticism.

Hamas warned against the “massacre” carried out by the Israeli army in the raid on the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, and held Israel, the USA and the international community responsible for the safety of medical personnel, injured people and thousands of Palestinians displaced in the hospital.

Source: AA