Israel targeted Iran in Syria! Critical name was killed

It will take place on April 8 Warning from scientists

Tesnim News Agency announced that the consulate building in the Iranian Embassy in Damascus was damaged in the attack, and according to local sources, 5 people lost their lives.


On the other hand, in the news of the Syrian news agency SANA, based on a military source, it was claimed that a building in the Mezze District of Damascus was targeted with an air strike by Israeli forces.

The news said, “Air defense systems intercepted and shot down some enemy missiles in the air.” The expression was used.

It was noted that the Iranian Consulate in Damascus and surrounding buildings were also damaged in the attack.


Iranian media announced that Brigadier General Zahidi, one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Guards Army, died in the air attack carried out by Israel on the consulate building in Damascus.

Source: AA

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